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A Part of the Hadisen Group

Housing Service Sverige AB is a part of The Hadisen Group (Hadisen Holding AB). The Group is today through its subsidiary HadiCare AB engaged in the field of Personal Assistance (LSS 1993: 387, the Law regulating Support and Service to Persons with Certain Functional Disabilities) and the subsidiary Svea Kulturkompetens AB in the field of treatment-oriented initiatives under the Social Service Act (SOL). All companies are, where required, authorized to operate by the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) in each area.

Core Business

Housing Service's core business is to be a home for “Foster Care” (familjehem), which means that a family receives a child or youth in their home. The child or youth becomes a part of the family and the state certified caregivers, referred to as a "foster parent", role is to support the child in everyday family life and to offer security. A placement in a foster home might extend over a period of a child's life and or throughout the entire childhood. It may also mean that the family receives a child or youth with short notice.

Housing Service Sverige AB also operates a Supported Housing (stödboende) where the youth lives on their own but with support on their way to being completely independent.


Our business is based on the fundamental view that all people should have the right to a dignified life, regardless of whether one is perfectly healthy or is experiencing some kind of difficulty. In this way, we can raise the quality of everyday life by focusing on what is possible instead of what is limiting.


In our workplaces, employees come from different cultures and countries. We therefore have a strong expertise in bringing people together from different backgrounds who may not have met before. It may be purely linguistic skills but also expertise in culture and custom. We see this as a strength in a world that increasingly resembles a “global village”.

Publicerad: 2016-04-07
Uppdaterad: 2017-09-26

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